2011 – Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl Scouts USA changed its program entirely in 2011. They changed from a printed handbook to a binder with individual badge pamphlets. There is an official handbook included in the binder with minimal information on the Girl Scout program and the 4 additional award pins girls could earn in that level.

There are 7 legacy badges, 2 cookie business badges, and 2 financial badges included in the original binder of every level, except Daisies (who have the petals instead of legacy badges) and Cadettes (who have 3 cookie business and financial badges instead of 2). Daisy level cookie business badges and financial badges were in the shape of leaves originally, until cookie business badges were replaced in 2021 and financial badges were replaced in 2022 with the standard flower shaped Daisy badge.

Three Girl Scout Journeys (Now commonly called the traditional 3 Journeys) were released in 2011. Four new options as Journeys were released between 2017 and 2019 for all levels. All Journeys require a Take Action Plan. Three of the 7 Journeys need to be completed to earn a Journey Summit Award for any level.

2011 also had 3 sets of 5 additional skill base badges (15 total additional badges) for all levels except Daisy and Ambassador. Each set was associated with one of the 3 traditional Journeys but could be earned on their own without doing the Journey.

Additional badges have been released yearly from 2015 to current date, except Daisy level which did not get additional badges until 2017.

This page shows the original 2011 Girl’s Guide, badge sets, and Journeys, and then the new badges by the year they were added. For more information on the badges listed, please see the 2011 Brownie Badge List.

It’s Your World – Change It!

Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden (Journey Set)

It’s Your Planet – Love It!

Between Earth and Sky (Journey Set)

It’s Your Story – Tell It!

5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals! (Journey Set)

Legacy Badges

Daisy Petal Set

Financial Literacy & Cookie Business Badges

Making Choices (Year 2 Financial Literacy – Retiring in summer of 2022)
Money Counts (Year 1 Financial Literacy – Retiring in summer of 2022)
Count It Up (Year 1 Cookie Business – Retired in 2021)
Talk It Up (Year 2 Cookie Business – Retired in 2021)

Additional Awards

Daisy Journey Summit Award
Daisy My Promise, My Faith Pin (Year 1)
Daisy My Promise, My Faith Pin (Year 2)
Daisy Safety Award Pin
Global Action Award – Yearly Themed Badge
International Friendship Pin

Journey Summit Award
My Promise, My Faith Pin (Year 1)
My Promise, My Faith Pin (Year 2)
Safety Award Pin
World Thinking Day – Yearly Themed Badge

Added in 2015:

No Daisy Badges added

Added in 2016:

No Daisy Badges added

Added in 2017:

Good Neighbor
Buddy Camper
Outdoor Art Maker
Outdoor Journey (Journey Set)
Board Game Design Challenge
Daisy Robotics (3 Progressive Badges Set)
Daisy Think Like a Citizen Scientist (Journey Set)
Daisy Think Like a Programmer (Journey Set)
Daisy Think Like an Engineer (Journey Set)
Model Car Design Challenge
Roller Coaster Design Challenge

Added in 2018:

Eco Learner
Daisy Cybersecurity (3 Progressive Badges Set)
Space Science Explorer

Added in 2019:

Daisy Snow or Climbing Adventure
Daisy Trail Adventure
Daisy Coding for Good (3 Progressive Badges Set)

Added in 2020:

Daisy Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin (Year 1)
Daisy Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin (Year 2)
Toy Business Designer
Democracy for Daisies
Daisy Automotive (3 Progressive Badges Set)

Added in 2021:

Daisy Global Action Award (Year 1)
Daisy Global Action Award (Year 2)
Cookie Goal Setter (Year 2)
My First Cookie Business (Year 1)
Daisy Digital Leadership
Daisy Design with Nature
Daisy Numbers in Nature
Daisy Shapes in Nature

Added in 2022:

Daisy STEM Career Exploration
Money Explorer (Year 1 – New Financial Literacy)
My Money Choices (Year 2 – New Financial Literacy)
Petal – Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Considerate and Caring (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Courageous and Strong (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Friendly and Helpful (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Honest and Fair (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Make the World a Better Place (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Respect Authority (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Respect Myself and Others (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Responsible for What I Say and Do (2022 New Requirements)
Petal – Use Resources Wisely (2022 New Requirements)
Promise Center – Girl Scout Promise (2022 New Requirements)