The Badge Archive is completely run by Tia K. as a free service to all scout leaders, families, and Scouts who need a one stop place to start brainstorming ideas for meetings and badge earning activities.

The Badge Archive Goals let you know our current progress, what we are currently working on, and what we plan to bring in the future.

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1 – As you browse the website and find glitches, errors, broken links – report them please! Just use the Contact Us page. There are hundreds of pages on this website and just one person working on all of them. And that person is by far NOT a professional web designer. If no one reports them, it will likely never get fixed!

2 – As you come across new resources out on the web to help earn a badge, please let us know using the Contact Us page! Whether it is a free resource or a paid kit or printable program, we are happy to link it as one more resource everyone can use.


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Support Hobnobbing Crafts

Hobnobbing Crafts a home business selling crafts and kits. They are currently sold out, but when we have more in stock, feel free to support us!

For those still interested in Zoom classes, Hobnobbing Crafts runs Art or Science oriented ones. They can be done with a kit mailed out, or where you provide your own supplies. They can be adapted to the following GSUSA badges upon request using The Badge Archive Contact Page:

  • Daisy – Space Science Explorer
  • Brownie – Painter, Potter, Bugs, Senses, & Space Science Adventurer
  • Junior – Detective, Drawing, Flowers, & Space Science Investigator
  • Cadette – Book Artist, Comic Artist, Night Owl, Space Science Researcher, Special Agent, & Trees

Who is Hobnobbing Crafts?

Hobnobbing Crafts is a family business of making crafts and kits and selling them. Our family is the one behind the effort of creating The Badge Archive.

Who is runs the Zoom Classes?

Tia K. has worked with youth since 2002. Starting with her church organization, she taught various age groups in a Sunday school class setting for elementary aged and pre-school aged children. She helped run her local church youth program between 2014-2015. Tia K. worked in Scouts BSA between 2016-2018, a Bear Den Leader one year, and Committee Chairman the next. Troop Leading in GSUSA started in 2017 and is still ongoing. Between 2019-2021, she helped lead a bi-monthly 7–11-year-old girl’s activity group in her church.

Currently she is still an active GSUSA Troop Leader. She started leading GSUSA troops in 2016 with a multi-level Kindergarten through 3rd grade troop, ran a single level 3rd grade troop after moving to a new council, then started a 2nd troop for a younger sister in the original troop, and after a few years they returned to being just one multi-level troop.

In Spring of 2020, her church youth group and her two GSUSA troops were moved online, and she’s adapted to lead meetings and activities via Zoom for multiple topics, running half a dozen Zoom meetings each month for over a year. We keep class sizes smaller so all participants in a Zoom class can feel like they are participants, not just watching another pre-recorded class without personal acknowledgment from those running the class.