Girl Scouting

Council's Own Badges.JPG Scouting as a Troop
Find your local Girl Scout council, using your zip code.  Then you can register or contact them to find a local troop near you. Troops can be single grade levels, multiple levels, in person, or virtually. Council can connect you to a local service unit or community who can let you know what options are available in your area.
Council's Own Badges.JPG Scouting as a Single Scout
You will still find your local Girl Scout council, using your zip code.  Contact them and state you wanted to be a Girl Scout without a troop. Council will let you know the local regulations for their Independent Scout, or Juliette program. Each council has different resources and programs available.
At Home Badges.JPG Badges
Any current, retired, or retired proficiency badge is allowed to be placed on the front of the GSUSA uniform after it is earned. Current Badges are divided into levels – Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. Retired badges are before 2011 in Brownie, Junior, and IP (C/S/A levels). Original proficiency badges can be earned by ages 9-14, or ages 10-18, depending on the era of the requirements.
At Home Badges.JPG Council Resources
Since the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic hit, many councils have given resources for all Girl Scouts to still do badge work at home, even when their troops couldn’t meet. Whether in a troop, or as an independent scout – you can use resources from any council in GSUSA.