The Badge Archive Goals

The Badge Archive was started in March of 2020, when Texas went into total shutdown due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s been over 2 years and we have yet to reach to overall goal to have all levels in the Current 2011 GSUSA Program and information on retired badges from the original Proficiency Badges and the 1980 GSUSA Program.

Even when we reach that, it will be a constant effort to continue to add content as other leaders, organizations, councils, and individuals create them.

Current Progress

Basic webpages for most Proficiency Badges have been created with links to any retired Handbook with requirements currently available online.

Brownie and Junior Badge Lists are up, save the new badges from 2022. Cadette Badges are formatted and we just need a free day to publish the content.

All current 2011 GSUSA Program information (save the new badges from 2022) has been collected to start formatting the other 3 levels.

Next Step

Webpages for all Current 2011 GSUSA Program badges for all levels are being created. After Cadette level is published, Daisy level will be formatted.

Future Goals

After getting all 2011 badge lists for all levels, we will return to Proficiency Badges and add the yellow border Cadette badges to the list. A Gallery of badge images for the Proficiency Badges also needs to be added.

The 1980s GSUSA Program information has been gathered, just like the Proficiency Badges, and webpages for these also need to be created. A Gallery of badge images for the 1980s GSUSA Program needs to be created.

The basic Multi-Level Resource section is up on the 2011 current badges. We may be able to expand this to add Daisy Petals to the section and suggest retired badges.

Support The Badge Archive

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