The Badge Archive Goals

The Badge Archive was started in March of 2020, when Texas went into total shutdown due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s been over 2 years and we have yet to reach to overall goal to have all levels in the Current 2011 GSUSA Program and information on retired badges from the original Proficiency Badges and the 1980 GSUSA Program.

Even when we reach that, it will be a constant effort to continue to add content as other leaders, organizations, councils, and individuals create them.

Current Progress

Basic webpages for most Proficiency Badges have been created with links to any retired Handbook with requirements currently available online.

Current 2011 GSUSA Program information has been collected for leader resources to create troop meetings and At Home instructions for girls.

Next Step

Webpages for all Current 2011 GSUSA Program badges for all levels are being created. These pages will include the 5 basic requirements, a section on links to the GSUSA Shop, a section on Troop Meeting Plans, and a section on At Home Instructions.

Galleries of all Current 2011 GSUSA Program levels are being created. Each image will be linked to the badge webpage.

Future Goals

The 1980s GSUSA Program information has been gathered, just like the Proficiency Badges, and webpages for these also need to be created.

A Gallery of badge images for the Proficiency Badges and the 1980s GSUSA Program need to be created and linked to the badge webpages.

A Multi-Level Resource section is planned to be added where badges from different levels are able to be done together with a little creativity will be listed. Possibly with some meeting plans where the combination of the different level requirements have already been done.

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