2011 – Daisy Outdoor Journey

Released in 2017 but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide.
The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Online Shop

3 parts to Earning this Journey:

  1. Outdoor Art Maker badge
  2. Buddy Camper badge
  3. Take Action Project

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  • There is no leader guide or booklet for this Journey
  • 3 badges must be bought individually

Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

  • See individual badges

Multi-Level Matches

  • See individual badges of the set for if they correlate with the other levels or not.

Uniform Vest Placement

This badge can go where #19 or #18 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide. as it is part of the Daisy Outdoor Journey set.

Note for Aprons – All Journey badges can go anywhere on the pockets. If sewing, be careful not to sew the pocket shut. Vests have all journey sets on the insignia tab side in any order. The traditional do not need to be on one side or above and below the other Journey sets.

It is an option to put this badge where #10 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide, when not intending to earn the Outdoor Journey, at all in the 2 years as a Daisy Girl Scout. However, placing it where #18 is often preferred to free up space for other skill-based badges where #10 is, as well as to allow the option of earning the full Journey later without having to move the badge later.

The Outdoor Journey does not have to be in a specific order, or placement. Just place all 3 badges in the same area together. You can place badges as you earn them, you do not have to wait until all 3 badges are earned. If you never earn all 3 badges, these can still be placed on the Journey side/area of the vest/apron.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide
Image Credit is adapted from GSUSA Uniform Guide

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