2011 – Money Explorer

(Year 1 – NEW Financial Literacy Badge)

Released in 2022 but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide.
Money Explorer replaced Making Choices leaf (now retired) as the new Year 1 Financial Literacy Badge.
The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

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Three steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Find out about different coins
  2. Know more about paper money
  3. Try using paper and coin money

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Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

Check out other badges that might work well with this badge when doing activities with multiple levels.  These are simply suggestions and may take some creativity and extra steps to earn all the badges in various levels.

A Multi-Level Troop will need to do extra steps when earning different badges across levels. It depends on how many requirements overlap. Some will only have one or two matching requirements.

If there is no badge in a level, we suggest that a level earns a Fun Patch related to the rest of the badges instead of an official badge.

Most of the New Financial Literacy badges released in 2022 are designed to have some of the requirements overlap from year to year. This makes it helpful to earn each year by doing a review and adding 1-3 requirements. There are some exceptions where a badge is completely different than the previous year, but most have overlap. Here are the bare bones of each Financial Literacy badge so you know which topics to hit for each year and each level.

  • Daisy
    Money Explorer (Year 1) – Paper Money, Coin Money, Practice Using Money
    My Money Choices (Year 2) – Needs/Wants, Goal Setting, Choose Between Needs/Wants
  • Brownie
    Budget Builder (Year 1) – Costs, Needs/Wants, Budget Adventure, Be Thrifty, Budget for $15
    My Own Budget (Year 2) – Spending, Saving, Sharing, Needs/Wants, Budget a Goal
  • Junior
    Budget Maker (Year 1) – Needs/Wants, Spend/Save/Share, Choose Between Needs/Wants, Financial Services, Build Spend/Save/Share Budget
    My Money Plan (Year 2) – Earn Money, Jobs, Income Tax, Saving/Investing, Protect Financial Information
  • Cadette
    Budget Manager (Year 1) – Budget on Values, Track Spending, Earn Money, Choose Between Needs/Wants, Set Goal to Give Back
    My Money Habits (Year 2) – Paying without Money, Influence on Spending, Track Spending, Investing, Protect Financial Information
    My Dream Budget (Year 3) – Dream Job, Cost Rural/City Living, Day-to-Day Life, Give Back, Budget Living Costs
  • Senior
    Savvy Saver (Year 1) – Research Costs, Consumer Research, Long Term Costs, Comparison Shopping, Create Saving Plan for Big Purchase
    My Financial Power (Year 2) – Earning Money, Influence on Spending, Inflation, Investing, Give Back
  • Ambassador
    Financial Planner (Year 1) – Daily Expenses, Credit Cards, Loans, Good Credit, Financial Responsibility Statement
    My Financial Independence (Year 2) – Rent/Home Owner, Living Expenses, Investing, Investment Protection, Give Back

Uniform Vest Placement

This badge should go where #10 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide. Note for Aprons – all skill-based badges can be lined above the pockets (on either side of the leaves if you have the retired leaves on the uniform). Vests have all skill-based badges on only the council ID set side.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide
Image Credit is adapted from GSUSA Uniform Guide

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