2011 – International Friendship Pin

Released in 2011.

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Earned as a Girl Scout living overseas and registered with a USA Girl Scout Overseas Committee. Although this pin can be earned in more than one country, a girl wears only one pin.

7 Steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Make new friends with persons of your host country
  2. Learn about your host country and people through its customs and culture.
  3. Learn about your host country and its people through its language
  4. Learn about your host country through its history and geography.
  5. Help people of your host country understand us and our country.
  6. Learn about the Girl Scout/ Girl Guiding movement in your host country.
  7. Put into action a Girl Scout’s duty to be useful and help in a country other than her own.

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Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

Can be earned by all levels, but can only be earned by living overseas while being a registered member of GSUSA.

Uniform Placement

This badge should go in line with Membership stars, or just under them,

  • where #4 is for Daisy,
  • where #5 is for Brownie,
  • where #5 is for Junior,
  • where #5 is for Cadette,
  • where #5 is for Senior,
  • where #5 is for Ambassador,

as stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide

(Note – Badges and pins on a sash simply go in order (top of sash to bottom of sash) of Identification badges, bridging badge, pins, journeys, and other badges. Anything that does not fit on the front can be placed on the back of the sash. Sashes will not hold a lot of badges and vests are recommended if you plan to earn badges.)

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