2011 – Senior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl Scouts USA changed its program entirely in 2011. They changed from a printed handbook to a binder with individual badge pamphlets. There is an official handbook included in the binder with minimal information on the Girl Scout program and the 4 additional award pins girls could earn in that level.

There are 7 legacy badges, 2 cookie business badges, and 2 financial badges included in the original binder of every level, except Daisies (who have the petals instead of legacy badges) and Cadettes (who have 3 cookie business and financial badges instead of 2).

Three Girl Scout Journeys (Now commonly called the traditional 3 Journeys) were released in 2011. Four new options as Journeys were released between 2017 and 2019 for all levels. All Journeys require a Take Action Plan. Three of the 7 Journeys need to be completed to earn a Journey Summit Award for any level.

2011 also had 3 sets of 5 additional skill base badges (15 total additional badges) for all levels except Daisy and Ambassador. Each set was associated with one of the 3 traditional Journeys but could be earned on their own without doing the Journey.

Additional badges have been released yearly from 2015 to current date.

This page shows the original 2011 Girl’s Guide, badge sets, and Journeys, and then the new badges by the year they were added.

Please see the Current Senior Girl Scout for an alphabetized list of badges and Journeys.
Please see Senior Badge Gallery for a list with images of the badges included.

It’s Your World – Change It!

Girltopia (Journey set)
Science of Style
Troupe Performer
Website Designer
Women’s Health

It’s Your Planet – Love It!

Car Care
Room Makeover
Sow What? (Journey Set)
Textile Artist
Truth Seeker

It’s Your Story – Tell It!

Business Etiquette
Game Visionary
Mission: Sisterhood (Journey Set)
Social Innovator
Voice for Animals

Legacy Badges

Behind the Ballot
Collage Artist
Senior First Aid
Senior Girl Scout Way

Financial Literacy & Cookie Business Badges

Buying Power (Year 2 – Original Financial Literacy – Retired 2022)
Customer Loyalty (Year 2 – Original Cookie Business – Retired 2021)
Financing My Future (Year 1 – Original Financial Literacy – Retired 2022)
My Portfolio (Year 1 – Original Cookie Business – Retired 2021)

Additional Awards

International Friendship Pin
Senior My Promise, My Faith Pin
Senior Safety Pin
Senior Journey Summit Award

Added in 2015:


Added in 2016:

Outdoor Art Expert

Added in 2017:

Adventurer Camper
Outdoor Journey (Journey Set)

Added in 2018:

Eco Explorer
Senior Robotics (3 Progressive Badges Set)|
Senior Think Like an Engineer (Journey Set)
Senior Think Like a Programmer (Journey Set)

Added in 2019:

Senior Coding for Good (3 Progressive Badges Set)
Senior Cybersecurity (3 Progressive Badges Set)
Senior Snow or Climb Adventure (Climbing)
Senior Snow or Climb Adventure (Snow)
Senior Think Like a Citizen Scientist (Journey Set)
Senior Trail Adventure (Hike)
Senior Trail Adventure (Runner)
Space Science Expert

Added in 2020:

Business Startup
Democracy for Seniors
Senior Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Added in 2021:

Cookie Boss (Year 2 – New Cookie Business)
My Cookie Network (Year 1 – New Cookie Business)
Senior Digital Leadership
Senior Global in Action Award – Year 1
Senior Global in Action Award – Year 2

Added in 2022:

My Financial Power (Year 2 – New Financial Literacy)
Savvy Saver (Year 1 – New Financial Literacy)
Senior STEM Career Exploration