2011 – Daisy Coding for Good

(3 Progressive Badges Set)

Released in 2019 but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide.
The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Online Shop

Three badges are included in this Progressive Badge Set:

  1. Coding for Good (Part 1 of Coding for Good Set)
  2. Digital Game Design (Part 2 of Coding for Good Set)
  3. App Development (Part 3 of Coding for Good Set)

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Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

  • See individual badges of the set for if they correlate with the other levels or not.

Uniform Apron and Vest Placement

This badge should go where #10 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide. Note for Aprons – all skill-based badges can be lined above the pockets (on either side of the leaves if you have the retired leaves on the uniform). Vests have all skill-based badges on only the council ID set side.

Note – Progressive Badges do not have to be displayed in a specific order, just earned in a specific order. You can either place them on the uniform so they are together in the order earned, or you can simply place them on uniform as you earn them and do not worry about saving room for the future progressive badges in that set.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide
Image Credit is adapted from GSUSA Uniform Guide

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