2011 – Animal Habitats At Home

Animal HabitatsAnimal Habitats

Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Find out about wild animals
  2. Investigate an animal habitat
  3. Create an animal house
  4. Explore endangered habitats
  5. Help protect animal habitats

Click on each step for instructions.


FlipGrid is only available to Troop 157123 & 157141 and those they invited.
Anyone else can certainly participate. Just comment to join in on the fun, but remember to show your parent or leader when done. Then they’ll be able to get you the badge for your uniform.


Want to make your own plan to earn it?
Look at the Leader’s Guide! Girls can use the resources there to make their own plan.
Make sure you work with your parent or leader so they know what your plan is.
Your parent or leader can purchase the badge in the Girl Scout Shop.