2011 – Animal Habitats – Step 1

Animal HabitatsAnimal Habitats
At Home

  1. Find out about wild animals

Choose One Option to Complete:

Option 1:
View Local Animals
Option 2:
View Zoo Animals
Option 3:
Wild vs. Tame Animals
Go outside and write down or draw all the animals you see. If you don’t know its name, then write something like “bird, blue with white markings”. Pick 3 of the animals you saw and learn what characteristics they have and what their habitat is in the wild.

Go to the Zoo! Virtually that is. Pick a Virtual Zoo and one animal to observe for 15 minutes and write down how it behaves.

Draw your favorite wild animal. Find out what type of habitat they live in. What is the difference between a wild animal and a tame one? (i.e. if you choose a wolf, a tame equivalent would be a dog.)

Tell us the name of the three animals, one characteristic, and what their habitat is.

Tell us your animal and 3 things your learned about it’s behavior.

Post your picture, tell us what habitat your animal lives in, and 1 difference you see between your wild animal and one that has been tamed.

Congrats! Go on to Step 2!