2011 – Animal Habitats – Step 2

Animal HabitatsAnimal Habitats
At Home

  1. Find out about wild animals
  2. Investigate an animal habitat

Choose One Option to Complete:

Option 1:
One Animal
Option 2:
3 Habitats
Option 3:
Animal Comparison
Pick one animal you can observe from a Virtual Zoo. Watch the animal and then answer the following questions.

  • What country is the animal naturally found in? What natural habitat is that?
  • How does it’s skin or fur help it survive in its habitat?
  • How does it stay clean?
  • How does it get around its habitat?
  • What kind of food is found in its habitat?

Pick 3 habitats from National Geographic. Make a drawing, chart, or diagram (like a Venn Diagram) that shows how these four things are alike or different from each habitat:

  • Shelters
  • Space
  • Sources of Food
  • Sources of Water

Cut out pictures or draw your own, of 15-20 animals. Group them by habitat. Now group them in 2 other ways. How did they change? How did they stay the same? Ideas on how you can group them:

  • How they move
  • How they bear their young
  • What type of food they eat
  • Do they live in groups or by themselves

Tell us the name of your animal and the answers to the questions above.

Post a picture of your drawing, chart, or diagram.

Post three pictures. One picture of three ways you sorted your animals with labels on how you group them.

Congrats! Go on to Step 3!