2011 – Animal Habitats – Step 4

Animal HabitatsAnimal Habitats
At Home

  1. Find out about wild animals
  2. Investigate an animal habitat
  3. Create an animal house
  4. Explore endangered habitats

Chose One Option to Complete:

Option 1:
Endangered Habitats
Option 2:
Oil Spills
Option 3:
Science Experiment
One Green Planet wrote an article in 2014 about 10 endangered habitats. Pick one habitat and do a search to find out if it is still endangered. If so, what can we do to help it? If not, how can we make sure it doesn’t go back on the endangered list?

Find out what an oil spill is and how it affects animals by reading the KidZone webpage.

Make sure you watch for the answers of the following questions:

  • What is one way oil spills happen?
  • What is one animals affected by oil spills?
  • If you were a rescuer, how do you treat one type of animal affected by an oil spill?

Do an experiment to find the best way to clean up an oil spill. Place water and oil in a bin and then use different materials that are small and light (i.e. cotton balls, laundry lint, a paper towel folded into strips, makeup remover pads or sponges, feathers, etc.) to try and soak the oil up. Make a hypothesis of which will work best and why. Which one did work best?

Tell us what habitat you picked, if it’s still endangered and the answer to the question.

Tell us what answer you found.

Tell us what 4 materials you tried and which one worked the best. Was it the one you thought would work best?

Congrats! Go on to Step 5!