2011 – Animal Habitats – Step 5

Animal HabitatsAnimal Habitats
At Home

  1. Find out about wild animals
  2. Investigate an animal habitat
  3. Create an animal house
  4. Explore endangered habitats
  5. Help protect animal habitats

Chose One Option to Complete:

Option 1:
Endangered Animal
Option 2:
Puppet Show
Option 3:
Animal Comparison
Pick an endangered animal from the US Fish and Wildlife Services website. They only give the name and the place it is found in the US. Search for your chosen endangered animal and find a picture of your animal learn more about it.

If you did researched one of the 10 habitats, or what an oil spill is, create a puppet show of a what you learned. Include what to we can do to help the habitat or how to prevent oil spills.

Pick a national park you want to camp at. What animals live there? How does people visiting the park affect the animals? What can we do to help protect the wildlife? Make a poster telling visitors how they can help protect the animals in the park. Do it well enough the state park could use it to display in a visitor center or park entrance.

Post a picture of your animal. Tell us why it’s endangered and what is one way humans could help.

Post a video of your puppet show. Remember not to show your face in the video!

Post a picture of your poster.

Bonus – email a copy of the poster to the park to give them permission to use it.

Congrats! You’ve completed all 5 steps! Go back to the At Home badge page.

Liked this badge? Check out the older retired version called Wildlife. It can still be earned and put on your vest! However, you can’t use the activities you did for Animal Habitats to count towards Wildlife.