Zombie Center Patch

Be Prepared, Not Scared Zombie

Zombie Center Patch

Our zombie is silly, not scary – for a good reason. We aim to not be scared when emergencies happen. We aim to be prepared. And laughter is a great tool to fight off fear.

The theory on the zombie is simple. If you are ready for a zombie apocalypse, you are ready for anything. Things like fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or pandemics can feel scarier because you know they could happen. Even extreme temperatures (high heat and freezing cold) can be a danger to humans.

Zombies won’t ever happen, so it’s fun to think of how to be prepared for them. It’s almost like a game.

All levels need to do just one step to earn this patch.

Step 1 – Know Your Home

Disaster List
Besides a pandemic, what other disasters and emergencies could happen in your area? Look at these two articles that have USA maps included. Look at the maps and try to find your general location.



Make a checklist to find out if these disasters are ones you need to be prepared for:
Extreme Heat
Extreme Cold

You have completed this step when you can state three disasters you need to be prepared for in the area you live.

Congrats! You’ve earned your Be Prepared, Not Scared, Zombie circle patch!

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