Shelter. Zombie Rocker Step 4

At Home – Step 4 of 4

  1. Part A – Shelter in Place
    Part B – Shelter away from home (Daisies stop here)
  2. Build Shelters (Brownies stop here)
  3. Emergency Shelter Locations (Juniors stop here)
  4. Helping Emergency Shelters

First, Read the Information You Need:

Emergency Shelters are usually run by volunteers.

To work in an emergency shelter, you usually need to be 18 or older. But those under 18 can still get a First Aid/CPR certification.

If you have a certification, carry a copy of your certificate with you or in your emergency kit, so you can help with emergency first aid. You will not typically need to show your certificate before or during the time you are providing CPR or First Aid. However, authorities may ask to see your certificate when they are asking questions about what happened after the emergency is taken care of.

Second, To Complete This Step:

Option 1
Training Volunteers
Option 2
Ask to Help
The Red Cross offers training for those that are willing to volunteer during the next disaster.

Read about the training available on this website. You may not be able to take them until you are 18. Knowing what is out there gives you an understanding of how shelters work and how much training is involved for those that volunteer.

What type of training interests you the most?
Reach out to your city or county.

Ask them if there are any roles for those under 18 years old that can be done at your local emergency shelter.

What roles did you find you can help with?

Congrats! You’ve earned your Shelter rocker!

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