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  1. Part A – Shelter in Place

First, Read the Information You Need:

Everyone needs shelter, especially in an emergency. But Shelter doesn’t mean your house. It means a place to keep you safe.

In a tornado, hurricane, severe storms, or even an earthquake, people sometimes can’t leave their house because it is too sudden and it’s not safe outside. This is called shelter in place.

But you need to stay away from windows, which can shatter, and shards of glass could be blown about by high winds. You also need a sturdy location, away from exterior walls. Some homes have specific storm shelters, but many do not.

Watch this Weather Channel video about how to choose a safe place in a tornado. This will also work for Hurricanes or severe storms.

That place should always have some water and non-perishable food. If a tornado hit your house, or a tree from a lightning strike fell on the roof, rubble can block the door and trap you in the room that protects you.

Don’t panic! If you have your food and water, you can safely wait for rescue. If your cell phone works, that’s when you call for help. If it doesn’t, you wait and listen for when you hear others and shout for help. If you don’t hear anyone nearby, don’t keep yelling and wear out your voice. Call out at regular intervals.

If you are in an earthquake area, it’s a different method to find shelter. After the earthquake, you should stay in the shelter, or stay nearby, because aftershocks can come, and you’ll need that shelter again.

Watch this video for earthquake dos and don’ts.

Second, To Complete This Step:

Shelter In Place
Find Safe Places
Find the place in your home where your family can go, even if you have to split into two areas because not everyone can fit in the walk-in closet.  

Next, look around you and answer these two questions:

1 – Where in your home would be a good place for sheltering during storms, hurricanes, and tornados?
2 – What would be the most likely place you would get to for cover in an earthquake?

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