Mutual Aid. Zombie Rocker Step 4

At Home – Step 4 of 4

  1. Emergency Cards
  2. Entertainment Kit
  3. Map Your Neighborhood
  4. Other Kits

First, Read the Information You Need:

You have a Grab and Go Kit from the Heat and Light Step 1. It was mentioned that this is the first step in getting a complete 72-hour kit.

In the First Aid Rocker you will learn about First Aid Kits. These are usually included in any other kind of emergency kit.

There are two other kinds of kits that are often a great help in emergencies: a Get Home Bag and a Vehicle Emergency Kit. Choose one option and make one for yourself or a family member.

Second, Choose an Option:

Option 1:
Get Home Bag
Option 2:
Vehicle Emergency Kit
A Get Home Bag is similar to a Grab and Go Kit. It just has the opposite purpose. They have similar items in it, but the Grab and Go Kit is usually to evacuate. The Get Home Bag is for when you are away from your home but need to return to the safety of your home for the emergency.  

Get Home Bags usually are for those that go to school or work away from home. It helps if you have to shelter in place away from home for a short time. It also has items to help you get home if normal methods won’t work.

Look at Mutual-Aid-Get-Home-Bag for a list of what would be in one.

Make a kit. Is it for yourself or someone else in your family? Where will the kit be kept to be available if the person who owns the kid needs it when away from home?
Unlike a Grab and Go Kit that stays with you, a Vehicle Emergency Kit always stays in the vehicle. This means anything inside also needs to stand up to the extreme heat and extreme cold that vehicle has when it remains outdoors 24/7.

Vehicle Emergency Kits are also usually for general use if a vehicle is used for multiple people. If it’s a personal vehicle, you still usually add enough to cover any passengers you might have in your vehicle.

Look at Mutual-Aid-Vehicle Emergency Kit for a list of what would be in one.

Make a kit. Is it for your vehicle, the family vehicle, or someone else’s? Did you make sure everything inside will be okay in extreme temperatures?


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