Heat and Light. Zombie Rocker Step 4

At Home – Step 4 of 4

  1. Grab and Go Kit
  2. Light without Electricity
  3. Stay Warm and Cool
  4. Health Issues

First, Read the Information You Need:

If you cannot stay cool or get enough warm, there are consequences to your health.

Hypothermia: Symptoms of chilling to the hands and feet with the core temperature falling leading to a lack of coordination with many people denying that they are feeling cold or needing help at all. The symptoms progress and include drowsiness. The best defense is to dress for the weather and conditions to keep warm but do not sweat.

Read about the symptoms of Hypothermia on Mayo Clinic’s website.

Heat Stress / Heat Exhaustion: The act of sweating and raising the body core temperature leading eventually to Heat Stroke or death as the body loses the ability to cool itself.

Read about the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion on Mayo Clinic’s website.

Second, Choose an Option:

Option 1:
Know it
Option 2:
Swamp Cooler
Make sure you clicked on those links to view the list of symptoms for Hypothermia and Heat Exhaustion.

What are some symptoms of Hypothermia you can always remember to watch out for?

What are some symptoms of Heat Exhaustion you can always remember to watch out for?
Find out what a Swamp Cooler is. Note, that if you live in high humidity area, swamp coolers are less efficient.  

Try building your own Swamp Cooler at home.

Try it out. Does it work well?


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