Heat and Light. Zombie Rocker Step 2

At Home – Step 2 of 4

  1. Grab and Go Kit
  2. Light without Electricity

First, Read the Information You Need:

Without electricity, most people think flashlights or candles as possible light sources.

Be careful of candles or anything that uses open flame. It’s a fire hazard and if you are burning gas, the chemicals from the burnt gas could turn deadly in an enclosed room. It’s the biggest reason why you should NOT use your gas stove top as a constant source of heat and light during a power outage. Gas should really only be used in well ventilated spaces, usually outdoors.

Here is a list of where you can get power for light, including flashlights.

  • Gas Generators
  • Solar Powered Generators
  • Flashlights! Lots of different kinds: Battery operated, Kinetic, and Solar
  • Glow Sticks
  • Consider the using products from family and women owned businesses:
  • Have lots of different size batteries on hand, consider rechargeable batteries and a Solar battery charger
  • Camping lanterns—battery or gas fueled
  • Candles
  • Make an emergency light from a milk jug

Second, Choose an Option:

Option 1:
Think it Out
Option 2:
Plan it Out
Using the list above and the Provident Prepper website. Think of 3 ways you can light your home, and make sure you have all 3 ways on hand in your house.Using the list above and the Provident Prepper website. Fill out the Action Plan to know how to get your light source in any situation.


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