2011 – Junior Safety Award

Released in 2011.
The Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

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Five steps are needed to complete this pin:

  1. Find out what the most common injuries are for kids your age. Make a list of how to prevent them.
    Then do a home safety audit to check for dangers around the house.
  2. Conduct an emergency evacuation drill of your home or the place your Girl Scout group meets.
    In the case of fire, know where your main exit is located, and plan an alternative way to get out if the first exit is blocked.
  3. Find out how to read weather signs so you know when to head indoors and get to safety.
  4. Learn about bicycle safety. Research why biking helmets are important and how to check if a helmet fits you properly.
  5. Go on a hazard-identification walk along a local hiking trail, bike trail, or horse trail.

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Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

Check out other badges that might work well with this badge when doing activities with multiple levels.  These are simply suggestions and may take some creativity and extra steps to earn all the badges in various levels.

A Multi-Level Troop will need to do extra steps when earning different badges across levels. It depends on how many requirements overlap. Some will only have one or two matching requirements.

If there is no badge in a level, we suggest that a level earns a Fun Patch related to the rest of the badges instead of an official badge.

Uniform Placement

This badge should go where #10 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Note – The uniform guide shows the pin to be under a row of My Promise, My Faith and Cookie pins. This does not have to be placed under that row. All pins can be lined up together in the same row. The key factor is the pins should be placed under the Rainbow Bridging badge and Brownie Wings.

Image Credit from GSUSA Uniform Guide

(Note – Badges and pins on a sash simply go in order (top of sash to bottom of sash) of Identification badges, bridging badge, pins, journeys, and other badges. Anything that does not fit on the front can be placed on the back of the sash. Sashes will not hold a lot of badges and vests are recommended if you plan to earn badges.)

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