Pets. Zombie Rocker Step 3

At Home – Step 3 of 4

  1. Pet Preparedness
  2. Rescue Dogs
  3. Emergency Shelters

First, Read the Information You Need:

Read the information the CDC gives for what pet owners need to know about pets in an Emergency Shelter.

Second, Chose One Option to Complete:

Option 1:
Your Pet
Option 2:
Other Pets
What is the number one thing you need to prepare for your pet if you needed to go to an Emergency Shelter?

Do you know what shelter near you allows pets? Remember, it was discussed during the Shelter Rocker.
If you stayed in an Emergency Shelter that allowed pets, what is one thing you could do to help keep people and pets safe?

Remember, you should never touch someone else’s pet without their permission. And during an emergency situation, it isn’t safe to touch animals if they are not your own due to the germs and diseases they might unknowingly be carrying because there aren’t facilities to bath them.


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