GSUSA Troop Meeting Plan

Remember that every council has slightly different rules and regulations, and everything you read online that is general for all of USA should always be double checked with your local council rules and regulations.

GSUSA has outlined the parts of a Troop Meeting. Pick what works with your troop and make it a normal routine to start and end the same way. The routine helps the girls realize they are at a meeting, not a playgroup and gives a regular start and stop and helps them know what to expect.

The content of your Troop Meeting activities can be:

  • Earning a Badge
    • GSUSA has meeting plans on VTK (Volunteer Tool Kit) in the MyGS system (see Registration for how to access MyGS)
    • You can buy the booklet from the GSUSA stores and make your own activity plan based on the suggested activities (the booklet gives you 3 activity options for each of the 3-5 requirements per badge)
    • Many councils and leaders have put out different meeting plans. The Badge Archive is working to compile a list of badges for each level that links the resources on the web. If the level you need is currently unavailable, do an internet search of the badge name and “meeting plan” to see what might be available
  • Earn a Retired Badge
    • Any retired badge can still be earned and displayed on the current GSUSA uniform. The requirements are usually available online or in an older handbook. The Badge Archive has most of the original Proficiency Badges listed and some resources for the 1980s badge requirements.
    • Finding the retired badge can be more difficult sometimes, but you can find some of them.
  • Do a Girl Scout Tradition
  • Have a Fun Meeting

Any activity that does not have an official badge attached to it can be considered a Fun Meeting. They can still have value in helping the Girl Scouts learn, grow, and experience new things. If the troop still wants to have badges, find a Fun Patch for these meetings.