GSUSA Paperwork for the First Meeting

Remember that every council has slightly different rules and regulations, and everything you read online that is general for all of USA should always be double checked with your local council rules and regulations.

Council Required Paperwork

While each council differs, you will usually find all councils require two documents

  1. Permission Slip(s)
  2. Health History Form
  3. Verify with your council for any council specific paperwork that may not be standard nation wide
    1. This is especially important after the worldwide pandemic started in 2020 as many councils have additional paperwork which can change based on pandemic conditions.

Optional Paperwork

  1. Expectations Document(s)

Permission Slip(s)

Troop Meetings

Each council will have slightly different forms. Some have a form you can use for all Troop Meetings and some will require you to use a “multi-use” form and put in the dates for your troop meetings. If all the dates don’t fit, you must do a second (and sometimes a third) “multi-use” form.

Different Location from Troop Meetings

If you plan to do a trip to a different location than your troop meeting (even if it is the same date and time), you usually have to fill out a new permission slip and get it signed.

Events and Field Trips

If you meet on a different day for any kind of activity (walk in the park, fire station tour, badge workshop with council, party or activity at a business) you must have a separate permission slip signed. If there is an event fee, most councils have the cost listed on the permission slip and it is wise to collect the event fee at the same time the permission slip is turned in to make it easy to track who has paid and who has not.

Health History Forms

Again, each council has a slightly different version. Some require attachments like copies of the immunization records or the family medical insurance card. Find out what your council needs, and make sure it is done as your council requires.

These are usually the hardest ones to get back from adults with everything filled out. Make sure you double check the forms when they are turned in to ensure everything is filled out.

These forms are used for three basic reasons (usually):

  1. Allergies
    1. Troop Leaders should be aware of the allergies of all troop members
  2. Allowed Medications from First Aid kit
    1. The First Aid certified adult needs to know what they are allowed to use on each troop member from the Troop First Aid kit. If they have not been given permission to use triple antibiotic cream on the Medical Form, a First Aider cannot use it but can only clean the wound with soap and water and put a bandage on it. If Benadryl is not listed on the form, no anti-itch Benadryl cream can be used on bug bites and no Benadryl can be given to a childe with an allergic reaction until the parent arrives and alters the form.
  3. ER Visit
    1. If you must take a child to the ER after an accident at a meeting or event, the health history form is given to the ER so they have all the health history needed to begin treatment until a parent can be contacted for future information or permission. Remember to have your permission slip with emergency contact information as well when visiting an ER.

Expectations Document(s)

While not required, it is often recommended to have some documentation to make sure all adults and troop members know what is expected of them. GSUSA has a Troop Agreement and an Adult Agreement samples to use and alter to what you need.