Be Prepared, Not Scared – 2020

Be Prepared, Not Scared Patches

These patches go on the back and any level can earn them. The ‘zombie’ in the middle will have the uniform color of the level you are in when you earn this.

The 9 patches that surround the circle patch are called “rockers”. Each rocker is a patch and has its own steps to earn it.

You can buy your own patch set on the Girl Scout Shop.

In 2020, The Badge Archive created an online at home step course to earn the center patch and 8 of the rockers. It has a reading portion and an activity needed for each step. How many steps you take is up to what level you are.

We chose options that would be possible to do on your own and online friendly for the research and learning portions. Please feel free to do the steps and contact us to tell us what you think or if there could be an improvement.

You can also look at the GSWW PDF has the most current instructions as of 10-2021. This wasn’t out when The Badge Archive created the online steps.

All The Badge Archive steps were adapted by the GSCCS instructions, but we later learned this patch series seems to originated in GSWW and found a copy of their 2019 instructions that were close. GSWW has since updated their instructions with an entire webpage dedicated to it. They even made a COVID-19 rocker so we can be prepared for world-wide pandemics in the future. GSHCC did a virtual series you could look into as well.