2011 – Junior Trail Adventure

Released in 2019 but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide.
The Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

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Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Choose your outdoor adventure
    Hiking – Go on 3 different types of hikes, each hike taking 3 hours or covering 3-4 miles
    Trail Running – Minimum 1 mile trail run at a comfortable pace
  2. Plan and prepare
  3. Gather your gear
  4. Set a goal and train for your adventure
  5. Go on your outdoor adventure

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Troop Meeting Ideas

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    Only Accessible through MyGS log-in on Council’s website

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

Check out other badges that might work well with this badge when doing activities with multiple levels.  These are simply suggestions and may take some creativity and extra steps to earn all the badges in various levels.

A Multi-Level Troop will need to do extra steps when earning different badges across levels. It depends on how many requirements overlap. Some will only have one or two matching requirements.

If there is no badge in a level, we suggest that a level earns a Fun Patch related to the rest of the badges instead of an official badge.

The Trail Adventure badges will have a completely different type of Hiking or Trail Running adventure for each level and cannot be done concurrently with keeping the technical requirements. Many multi-level troop leaders will pick the adventure that is appropriate for the level of progression of that troop. If that means everyone is doing the Brownie level of the Hiking adventure, that is what the leader accepts. It’s not like you can jump straight into a 2-day backpacking campout if you don’t have the stamina to do a 3 hour hike.

  • DaisyDaisy Trail Adventure
    Hike: play fun game on hiking trail;
    Run: jog around your neighborhood, in a park, or on a trail
  • BrownieBrownie Trail Adventure
    Hike: go on three different types of hikes;
    Run: go on three different trail runs, 20 min each time
  • JuniorJunior Trail Adventure
    Hike: go on three separate hikes, each either 3 hours or 3-4 miles long;
    Run: run on a trail for a distance that challenges you, at least one mile at a comfortable pace
  • CadetteCadette Trail Adventure
    Hike: train for and complete all three of the trail challenges on three different days with minimum six hours on the trail each day (minimum 2,000-foot cumulative elevation gain, minimum of 10 miles, and trail on a terrain different from previous hikes you’ve done);
    Run: train to build endurance for running a long distance at a comfortable pace, at least 3 mile distance
  • SeniorSenior Trail Adventure
    Hike: plan, prepare, and complete a three-day, two-night backpacking trip of 10 miles distance;
    Run: train and compete in a trail race of 5K/10K distance
  • AmbassadorAmbassador Trail Adventure
    Hike: plan, prepare, and complete a five-day, four-night backpacking trip of 20-25 miles distance;
    Run: help guide another girl in the sport of trail running with at least eight training sessions over a two-month period

Uniform Placement

This badge should go where #13 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Image Credit from GSUSA Uniform Guide

(Note – Badges and pins on a sash simply go in order (top of sash to bottom of sash) of Identification badges, bridging badge, pins, journeys, and other badges. Anything that does not fit on the front can be placed on the back of the sash. Sashes will not hold a lot of badges and vests are recommended if you plan to earn badges.)

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