2011 – Customer Insights

(Year 2 – Original Cookie Business Badge – Retired)

Released in 2011. RETIRED in 2021 – The badge is no longer in production, although the requirements are still sold at GSUSA shops. GSUSA stores will only sell this badge until their original stock runs out. Replaced by Cookie Collaborator badge.
The Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

Image Credit is archived from GSUSA Online Shop, no longer available online

Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Ask an expert what customers want
  2. Do some research at the grocery store
  3. Find out who buys cookies and why
  4. Learn from people who don’t buy
  5. Listen for clues and ask great questions

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Troop Meeting Plans

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

  • No Multi-level Matches available as this is a retired badge.

Uniform Placement

This badge should go where #13 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Image Credit from GSUSA Uniform Guide

(Note – Badges and pins on a sash simply go in order (top of sash to bottom of sash) of Identification badges, bridging badge, pins, journeys, and other badges. Anything that does not fit on the front can be placed on the back of the sash. Sashes will not hold a lot of badges and vests are recommended if you plan to earn badges.)

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