2011 – Cookie Innovator

(Year 3 – New Cookie Business Badge)

Released in 2021 but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide. Replaced Original Cookie Business Badge Think Big, which is now retired.
The Cadette’s Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

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Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Master your cookie business
  2. Choose a big idea, set goals, and build a budget
  3. Decide how to meet your big goals
  4. Explore ethics in your cookie business
  5. Sell your big dream to others

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Troop Meeting Ideas

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    Only Accessible through MyGS log-in on Council’s website

At Home Individual Girls

  • None currently available

Multi-Level Matches

Check out other badges that might work well with this badge when doing activities with multiple levels.  These are simply suggestions and may take some creativity and extra steps to earn all the badges in various levels.

A Multi-Level Troop will need to do extra steps when earning different badges across levels. It depends on how many requirements overlap. Some will only have one or two matching requirements.

If there is no badge in a level, we suggest that a level earns a Fun Patch related to the rest of the badges instead of an official badge.

All the New Cookie Business badges released in 2021 are designed to have most of the requirements naturally done during every Cookie Season. This makes it helpful to earn just by doing the Cookie Sale even on multi-level troops. Some have 1-3 requirements that require specific skills or learning. Here are the bare bones of each Cookie Business badge so you know which topics to hit during the Cookie fundraiser.

  • Daisy
    My First Cookie Business (Year 1) – Cookies, Money, Pitch
    Cookie Goal Setter (Year 2) – Set Goal, Track Goal, Share Goal
  • Brownie
    My Cookie Customers (Year 1) – Cookies, Goal, Customer, Money, Pitch
    Cookie Decision Maker (Year 2) – Online Cookie Sales, Giving Goal, Teamwork, Track Sales, Spirit
  • Junior
    My Cookie Team (Year 1) – Online Cookie Sales, Goal, Track Goal/Sales, Teamwork, Pitch
    Cookie Collaborator (Year 2) – Cookies, Goal, Track Goal/Sales, Expand Customers, Learn from Customers
  • Cadette
    My Cookie Venture (Year 1) – Cookies, Goal, Mission Statement, Customers, Team Business Plan
    Cookie Market Researcher (Year 2) – Cookies, Goal, Girl Scout Brand, Marketing Plan, Marketing Campaign
    Cookie Innovator (Year 3) – Cookies, Big Goal, Plan to Meet Big Goal, Ethics, Share Big Goal with Customers
  • Senior
    My Cookie Network (Year 1) – Cookies, Goal, Worthy Cause, Expand Customers, Marketing Message
    Cookie Boss (Year 2) – Cookies, SMART Goal Criteria, Team Business Decision, Pitch, Expand Customers
  • Ambassador
    My Cookie Business Resume (Year 1) – Cookies, Resume, Marketing Ideas, Expand Customers, Portfolio Creation
    Cookie Influencer (Year 2) – Cookies, Goal, Value Proposition, Marketing Campaign, Leave a Legacy

Uniform Placement

This badge should go where #14 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide

(Note – Badges and pins on a sash simply go in order (top of sash to bottom of sash) of Identification badges, bridging badge, pins, journeys, and other badges. Anything that does not fit on the front can be placed on the back of the sash. Sashes will not hold a lot of badges and vests are recommended if you plan to earn badges.)

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