Camp Names

How to come up with a Camp Name

For ideas on camp names try this link:

If someone already is using that name, you’ll be asked to pick a different one. You can look at the current girls enrolled on our Girl’s Progress page to see if the one you want is already registered.

How to use it in Comments

Always make sure your Camp Name is included in a comment, not your real name. This helps identify you in a safe way. You register your camp name so we know who you are if your parents contact us for help on any of the steps.

Comments are reviewed before they are posted, so you won’t see your comment right away. Any comments that use a camp name that isn’t registered may be deleted instead of posted.

If you aren’t registered and want to make a comment, just use your parent’s account (with their permission) or make an anonymous comment without a name. It’ll still get posted, but your progress will not be tracked, and your parents will not get a weekly email of updates on your progress and what is new.

Why Use a Camp Name?

The girl internet safety pledge states: “I will not give out personal information”.

It certainly means no sharing anything about your location (address, name of school, etc.) or contact information (telephone number(s), email(s), etc.) – but it can also mean names. Especially for children.

From Tia is a public website – it means anyone can view it. So, we do not use our real names when tracking our progress.

We are adopting the tradition of making up a new name like adults and older girls do at many Girl Scout Camps. Note, you won’t use these when you go to camp, just here on the web. But it’s still going to be fun!