Badge Mentality

Why so many badges? The question was asked on a popular Facebook Girl Scout Leader group – “Why does everyone have to have a badge for every single thing the girls do?” The original person who posted just didn’t understand why girls couldn’t just learn or do something just to learn or do something. Why can’t they just have fun? Why can’t a service project, just be to give service? Do girls really have to be reward with a badge for everything they do in Girl Scouts? How did badge earning become a thing? By looking at how badges evolved … Continue reading Badge Mentality

Badge-type Awards

Kids love to get things. Badges, belt-loops, patches, pins, emblems, certificates, levels, prizes, trinkets. You name it, they love to collect them. I’m going to call them all badge-type awards throughout the site from here on out to keep confusion down. The trick in scouting is using this love to inspire the kids to learn and grow into the amazing adults we know they have the potential to be. Scouting programs are not intended to give kids a reward for every single thing they do. But isn’t it better to focus on why it’s awesome to EARN the rewards. Some … Continue reading Badge-type Awards