2011 – Fling Flyer Design Challenge

2011-Fling Flyer Design Challenge
Fling Flyer Design Challenge

Badge was released in 2017, but is considered part of the 2011 Girl’s Guide Binder

Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Learn about forces that affect flight
  2. Design and build a Fling Flyer
  3. Test your Fling Flyer
  4. Analyze and share your results
  5. Brainstorm ways to improve your design

Instructions on How to Complete the Steps

Part 1 of 2: Fairbanks Meeting Plan 1 (Added May 2020)
Part 2 of 2: Fairbanks Meeting Plan 2 (Added May 2020)
Full Instructions: GSKSMO At Home Steps (Added May 2020)


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