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Business Ideas for Kids

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Can’t find the business idea you want on this list? No problem. Just do some research and find out what it would take to start and what kind of problems you may need to overcome.

Animal Food

Pet stores have the market for normal meals, but many pet owners like to use home baked treats. If you have a pet that you make treats for, you might see if other pets like them too. Then find out how much people are willing to pay for them and how many you can make. How much are the ingredients? Will the cost people pay for them make up for the cost of ingredients and the time you spend?
Ryan Kelley was able to successfully run a business for dog treats.


It isn’t as easy as just writing it all out and then getting it printed to sell. You might write several books before finding one that sells. But if you love writing the number one rule is not to give up. Write all the way to the end. Don’t worry about grammar, just get the story out there.
Emma Sumner published her first book at age 10.


The amount per hour all depends on where you live and how many kids you are watching. It also depends on if you are CPR/First Aid certified or not. State laws differ, but you usually have to be at least 12 years old before you can be left without an adult.
Noa Mintz took babysitting to the next step up.


Bake sale, door to door sales, a stand in front of your house, or selling your baked goods in a store are all ways to start a bakery business. Make sure your parents help you look up the local laws. Kids might not be able to make the food, even if they can be the ones to sell it. But don’t let that stop you. If an adult is willing to bake, you need to come up with the recipes and try them out. The adult only bakes what is going out the door to customers. You find out how much time it takes to bake. How much are ingredients? How much are you paying your adult helper? How much will you sell the items for? Do all the cost equal less than what you can sell them for? Is the amount left over worth it?
Cory Nieves start his business in Kindergarten with his mom.
Lizzie Marie Likness started hers at age 6.

Beauty Products

Have you ever made your own lip balm? Lotion? Shampoo? Soap? If you have and you love doing it, others may also love your homemade products.
Isabella Dymalovski was only 8 when she started.
Leanna Archer was 9 when she started.

Candy Maker

You can make your own candies at home. Chocolates, lollipops, and hard candy are often popular. Just like Bakeries, kids may not be able to legally make the food that is for sell. But you are responsible for coming up with the recipes, figuring how how much it costs and how much to sell it for, finding an adult to make them to sell, and then selling them.
Alina Morse came up with a sugar-free lollipop that tastes good.

Car Washing

Car washes are popular fundraisers, but kids can go around the neighborhood and wash cars in the driveways too. You have to know how to do a good job cleaning and drying the outside. If you do the inside of the car, it’s an added service and should cost more money. But you need special vacuums and cleaners for the inside.
An 11 and 14 year old started small and their business grew when they did a good job.

Find a Need and Fill It

Sometimes you go through daily life and realize you need something to make your life better. You figure out how and then make it happen. If others also need the same thing, you find out you can then turn it into a business.
Lily Born invented a special cup for her grandpa.
Rachel Zietz realized her sport equipment wasn’t holding up.

Food Product

Bake sales and lemonade stands are all about food that needs to be eaten pretty quickly after it’s made. If have a recipe that tastes good, can be preserved, and no one else sells them… that may be a good idea for a business.
Logan Guleff made original spice blends.

Garden Produce – Grower

If you love gardening and grow your own fruits and vegetables, why not sell what your family isn’t eating? Know how to preserve the produce? You could sell them already preserved instead of just as fresh fruits and vegetables.
The Paluck siblings sell their produce at a local farmer’s market.
Fraser Doherty sells jam like his grandmother made.

Handmade Gifts

Unlike food, handmade items can be sold and made by kids. There are many different things kids can make. There are also many ways to sell them.
There are 5 kids that sell their items through a website called Etsy.

Invent Something Different

It doesn’t matter if something exists if it doesn’t work well for you. Sometimes you make a twist or make a different version of an already existing invention. If it’s different enough from the original, you can claim ownership of the invention and sell it.
Chester Greenwood was a kid over 100 years ago that made a new kind of earmuff.

Invent Something New

Sometimes you have an idea of something that has never been done before. Try it out! If your invention works and others either need or like it, they’ll buy it. And as you continue to try new things out to make them faster, better, or with different materials, your invention will continue to improve and new versions can be sold.
George Nissen was 16 when he invented the first Trampoline.

Jewelry Making

Have you ever made your own jewelry? Have you worn it before and had someone comment, “I’d love one of those too!”? You might just be able to turn it into a business.
Bella Weems started her own locket making business when she was 14.
Zoey Banks was successful with Clay earring when she was 9 years old.

Lemonade Product

Instead of selling normal lemonade, make your own unique lemonade recipe. Start as a lemonade stand and eventually your product could be sold in stores too.
Mikaila Ulmer started her original recipe at age 4 and is now sold in Whole Foods.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stands are classic kid businesses. However, they aren’t often successful. It all depends on where your stand is, and what recipe of lemonade you use. If you have a good location that you can use for free, start trying out different recipes. Have multiple people try the different recipes to find out which is more popular.
Jack Bonneau started a lemonade stand at 8 and now runs a kid network of stands.

Mowing Lawns

Many kids learn how to mow their own lawn as part of household chores. Many adults don’t have time to mow their lawn once a week, and hire others to do so. If you can walk to the home, pushing your lawn mower, that house could hire you to mow their lawn. Prices depend on where you live and how big the yards are. Remember, your parents own the mower and you need their permission. Mowers cost money to maintain and you need to pay them for the use of the mower. But it’s a great beginner service business.
BJ Duarte started a business mowing lawns at age 17 and makes thousands of dollars.

Pet Sitting

When owners are away, pets at home still need care. Kids are often hired to stop in and take some time to let the pets out to use the restroom, feed the pets, walk the pets, or just give the pets some attention.
A 6 and 8 year old started pet sitting with the help of their mom.

Program a Game or App

It takes skill, but if you know how to program games or an app on a phone, you could make it for others. Some sell their games and apps, others allow the games and apps to be free, but the advertisements in it provide the owner with income.
Bobby Boynton designed an app to help others and it turned into a business.
Mercer Henderson was only 13 when she made her first app.
Robert Nay was only 14 when he made the Number 1 game on the iPhone.

Reselling Items

Take something you love and a lot of other people love too. Find a way to get older or used things that sell for less than what most people buy them for. Fix them up and then resell them at a normal price. It can take some time to find a product that resells. It can take money to do the first initial purchases. If only a few people like what you are reselling, you won’t sell many of them at a time. Be careful what you buy and sell.
Ned S. decided to resell sneakers and earned hundreds of dollars in a year.

Sell a Product Made by Others

If you don’t know how to make something, others can make them for you and then you sell them. Whatever you sell must be unique. Others can make them, so others (besides you) could sell them too.
The Martinez brothers decided to sell socks, and they were unique enough to sell.
Moziah Bridges had help making custom bow-ties.

Sell a Service

There are some things that people can’t do for themselves and you can provide that service for them. Other things people can do, but don’t want to or don’t have time to. Yard Work is under a different setting, but there are other things you can provide service for if you think about it.
Cameron Johnson made a greeting card business when he was 9.


If you’re really good at school, you might be able to help others and make a business at the same time. The amount you charge for tutoring depends on you location, how much schooling you have, how many subjects they need help with, and how much time you have to take to do all the tutoring in.
Erik Finman found out he could make money helping others find the right tutors.

Vending Machines

Whether big machines with sodas, or little machines with small Gumdrops, vending machines can be a great business for kids. Getting your first machine can be tricky. And once you have one, you have to work hard to find a place that will let you put it up and get the sales. You have to stay on top of keeping it full and making sure it works right.
Tori Dunlap started with one vending machine when she was 9 years old.

Web Design

If you know how to build a website, you can help others build theirs as well. This takes training. Not only in how to build a website but how to find others who will pay you to design theirs. It takes a lot of time building websites for free to get the practice you need before you can charge money. The amount you can make depends on what kind of skills you have and what features you can give your customers on their websites.
Zachary Weisenthal started his own company only after he learned all the above.

Yard Work

Besides mowing lawns, there is a lot of things that can be done by kids to help a yard. Shoveling walks if it snows where you live. Raking leaves in the autumn. Pulling weeds in flower beds and sidewalk cracks. Even cleaning up after pets that make a mess in the back yard.
Kyle Graham makes around $250 a week doing the last one.

YouTube Videos

Sadly, kid content videos can no longer have advertisements (as of 2020) on them, which is how most YouTube videos make their money. However, if you have a passion and make videos without ads, there is still a way to make money… but only after you have thousands of viewers. 1 –  Companies may ask you to use their products on your videos for a sum of money. 2 – You can make merchandise to sell for your fans.
Evan and his father started on YouTube in 2011, but didn’t earn money right away.


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