2011 – Brownie Safety Pin

Brownie Safety Pin
Brownie Safety Pin

Brownie Level

Five steps are needed to complete this award:

  1. Talk to a teacher, parent or another adult about how to stay safe at school. Make a list or poster of the three most important rules for playgound safety or safety on the school bus. Get permission from a teacher to post it at school to share with your school mates.
  2. Map your neighborhood. Get a map of your neighborhood or town and mark where the police station, fire station and other important points are located. Make a list of emergency numbers and post it in your home so you can easily find them when you need them.
  3. Find out how your smoke alarm works. Test the one at your home so you know what it sounds like and to make sure it is working. Mark your calendars to change the battery twice each year (Daylight savings are great days to use to remember to do this). Develop an escape route and meeting place for your family in case of fire.
  4. Choose an upcoming trip you plan to take – to a carnival, amusement part, the mall or even just the grocery store and make a safety plan with an adult. Find out what to do it a stranger approaches you in a public place.
  5. Find out what natural disasters are most common in your area (earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods). Discuss with your family or another adult what to do when they happen when you are at home or at school.

Instructions on How to Complete Brownie Level

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