2011 – Daisy My Promise, My Faith Pin

Released in 2011.
The Daisy Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting page has the information on when all badges were released.

Five steps are needed to complete this badge:

  1. Choose one line from the Girl Scout Law
  2. Find a woman in your own or another faith community
  3. Gather three inspirational quotes
  4. Make something to remind you of what you’ve learned
  5. Keep the connection strong

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Troop Meeting Ideas

At Home Individual Girls

Multi-Level Matches

All levels of My Promise, My Faith, and all years have the exact same requirements. The intention is that every year a scout will choose a different line of the law from the 10 values available and then repeat some in the final 3 years. All levels may work together, however, this award was intended to be an individually earned award to reflect an individual’s personal faith.

Uniform Vest Placement

The My Promise, My Faith pin should go where #6 is stated on the GSUSA Uniform Guide.

Image Credit is from GSUSA Uniform Guide
Image Credit is adapted from GSUSA Uniform Guide

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