1990 – Badges and Signs

World of Well-Being

Across Generations
Across Generations-1980-World of Well-Being
Becoming a Teen
Becoming a Teen-1990-World of Well-Being
Caring for Children
Caring for Children-1990-World of Well-Being
“Collecting” Hobbies
Colleting Hobbies-1987-World of Well-Being
“Doing” Hobbies
Doing Hobbies-1987-World of Well-Being
Exploring Healthy Eating
Exploring Healthy Eating-1990-World of Well-Being
Family Living Skills
Family Living Skills-1990-World of Well-Being
First Aid
First Aid-1980-World of Well-Being
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness-1990-World of Well-Being
Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships-1990-World of Well-Being
Making Decisions
Making Decisions-1990-World of Well-Being
“Making” Hobbies
Making Hobbies-1987-World of Well-Being
My Self-Esteem
My Self-Esteem-1990-World of Well-Being
Pet Care
Pet Care-1980-World of Well-Being
Safety Sense
Safety Sense-1990-World of Well-Being
Sports-1990-World of Well-Being
Sports Sampler
Sports Sampler-1980
World of Well-Being Dabbler
Dabbler-World of Well-Being-1980

World of Today and Tomorrow

Aerospace-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Businee-Wise-1980-World of Today and Tomorrow
Car Care
Car Care-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Computer Fun
Computer Fun-1980-World of Today and Tomorrow
Do It Yourself-1980-World of Today and Tomorrow
Foods, Fibers, and Farming
Food Fibers and Farming-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Geology-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Math Whiz
Math Wiz-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Money Sense
Money Sense-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Ms. Fix-It
Ms Fix It-1980-World of Today and Tomorrow
Plants and Animals
Plants and Animals-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Puzzlers-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Ready for Tomorrow
Ready for Tomorrow-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Science in Action
Science in Action-1980
Science Sleuth
Science Sluth-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Science in Worlds
Science Sluth-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Sky Search
Sky Search-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
Water Wonders
Water Wonders-1980-World of Today and Tomorrow
Weather Watch
Weather Watch-1990-World of Today and Tomorrow
World of Today and Tomorrow Dabbler
Dabbler-World of Today and Tomorrow-1980

World of the Out-of-Doors

Eco Action-1980-World of the Out-of-Doors
Ecology-1980-World of the Out-of-Doors
Finding Your Way
Finding Your Way-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Frosty Fun
Frosty Fun-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Hiker-1980-World of the Out-of-Doors
Horse Lover
Horse Fan-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Horseback Rider
Horseback Rider-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Outdoor Cook
Outdoor Cook-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Outdoor Creativity
Outdoor Creativity-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Outdoor Fun
Outdoor Fun-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Outdoor Fun in the City
Outdoor Fun in the City-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Small Craft
Small Craft-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Troop Camper
Troop Camper-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Walking for Fitness
Walking for Fitness-1990-World of the Out-of-Doors
Water Fun
Water Fun-1980-World of the Out-of-Doors
Wildlife-1980-World of the Out-of-Doors
World of the Out-of-Doors Dabbler
Dabbler-World of the Out-of-Doors-1980

World of People

Active Citizen
Active Citizen-1980
Celebrating People
Celebrating People-1990-World of People
Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions-1990-World of People
Geography Fun
Geography Fun-1990-World of People
Girl Scouting Around the World
Girl Scouting Around the World-1990-World of People
Girl Scouting in the USA
Girl Scouting in the USA-1990-World of People
Junior Citizen
Junior Citizen-1980-World of People
Local Lore
Local Lore-1990-World of People
My Community
My Community-1980-World of People
My Heritage
My Heritage-1980-World of People
Native People of the USA
Native People of the USA-1990-World of People
On My Way
On My Way-1980-World of People
Traveler-1980-World of People
Women Today
Women Today-1990-World of People
Women’s Stories
Womens Stories-1990-World of People
World in My Community
World In My Community-1990-World of People
World Neighbors
World Neighbors-1980-World of People
World of People Dabbler
Dabbler-World of People-1980

World of the Arts

Architecture-1980-World of the Arts
Art in the Home
Art in the Home-1980-The World of the Arts
Art in the Round
Art in the Round-1980-World of the Arts
Art to Wear
Art to Wear-1980-World of the Arts
Books-1980-World of the Arts
Ceramics and Clay
Ceramics and Clay-1990-World of the Arts
Communication Arts
Communication Arts-1990-World of the Arts
Dance-1980-World of the Arts
Drawing and Painting
Drawing and Painting-1990-World of the Arts
Folk Arts
Folk Arts-1980-World of the Arts
Jeweler-1990-World of the Arts
Music Lover
Music Lover-1980
Photography-1990-World of the Arts
Popular Arts
Popular Arts-1980
Prints and Graphics
Prints and Graphics-1980-World of the Arts
Textiles and Fibers
Textiles and Fibers-1980
Theater-1980-World of the Arts
Toymaker-1990-World of the Arts
Video Production
Video Production-1980-World of the Arts
Visual Arts
Visual Arts-1990-World of the Arts
World of the Arts Dabbler
Dabbler-World of the Arts-1980